Acquiring Leveled Books

The biggest hindrance to parents helping their children learn to read is a lack of appropriate reading material.  Libraries rarely carry leveled books and, when they do, there are only a few books at each level and these books are often signed out.  Finding leveled books for sale is also difficult as they are primarily marketed and sold to teachers and educational institutions.  Moreover, purchasing the few that are available is costly.  Leveled books typically cost five or six dollars a book.  Buying leveled books second-hand is nearly impossible because there are so few of them in circulation.

Fortunately, leveled books are now available in a new format.  We have created five libraries of leveled books (A –E) for use with iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad devices.  Each library contains twelve books at that level.  Every book is accompanied by a set of  flashcards that contain sight words used in that book.


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How to Determine Reading Level

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