How To Determine

Reading Level

Children should begin reading in Level A (Level 1) and then move up when they are ready.  It is important to give children reading material on which their reading accuracy is between 90 to 95%.  Otherwise the child will become discouraged and frustrated.  Giving a child books to read at the appropriate reading level helps the child to feel successful and gain confidence in reading.  Every few books, parents can inconspicuously assess the child’s reading level and move him/her up to the next level when he/she is ready.

To determine a child’s reading level, count the number of reading errors the child makes, divide by the number of words in the book, and multiply by 100, thereby arriving at percent accuracy (% accuracy = number of errors/total number of words x 100).  If the child skips a word, misreads a word, or inserts an extra word, it is considered a reading error.  If a child makes a mistake and then self-corrects, it is not counted as an error.  Repeating a word or words is also not considered a reading error.  If the reading accuracy is less than 90%, the book is too difficult.


Make Reading

A Positive Experience

Try to read in a quiet area with few distractions.

Reread books for fluency and fun!

Always praise the child’s efforts!


About Book Levels

Acquiring Leveled Books

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